Escape routes

IMG_0172-e1395979141267“Everyday, I wake up in a constant state of fear, I feel like there’s no one near.”

Those haunting song lyrics are from a Hartford, Conn. student writing about her experiences being bullied. My friend Ryan recently sent me this NEPR link to hear more about the recent playwriting competition in Hartford and what the students brought to it. The radio story only runs just over four minutes, but the content certainly stays with me. I am simultaneously grateful that these students are being encouraged to share their feelings about what’s happening through art, while also feeling saddened that these students are writing about events that happened as recently as last year.

I found it particularly interesting that two of the entrants had been pulled out of school altogether and are now being home schooled, specifically for the purpose of avoiding bullying. It made me wonder how much that is happening across the country and whether insulating children from that behavior is the most effective way of helping them deal with it.

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